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Workspace Workout

Setting up your workspace is a task that takes thought on what works best for you, what inspires you and how you can be your most productive in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are not alll so lucky to have enough space for a seperate office however incorporating our workspace in our living area can be a fun and creative exercise in form and function.

For the time being my space has been allocated at the end of a very long dining room. As the room is not used as often as the other spaces it made sense to utilize the one end near a bay window with a view of a large old apple tree... relaxation, check!

I love hitting the antique markets in our area for unique finds to utilize in new and creative ways. I was thrilled to come upon this vintage metal tool box that supplied lots of drawers and storage for my markers, pencils and other drafting tools, and how awesome that I also scored this cool old library trolley that was used to move books around and now houses my books, papers and tool box right beside my drafting table.... sweet, inspiration, check!

Because my personal style is vintage/industrial/recycled this little work nook fits right in with the dining space decor and just needs a quick clean and organize when company comes for dinner, like it was alway meant to be... function, check!

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