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The Consultation

The Design Brief

By tackling all the important points of the project: the people the design has to cater to, lifestyle, family, pet, the style, age, and location of the house/condo; what you want/need from certain rooms; and the look you wish to create, we will have a plan for success.  

The design brief will prioritize effectively and keep the project on track, staying in touch with the original dreams and visions.

The Design Concept

Good design is about focusing on the overall effect of different materials and colours, rather than concentrating on one particular element.


Before you tackle the question of how the room you are designing will look, take time to consider how you want it to feel.

The concept will capture the mood you would like to reflect in your home through inspiration pictures, art, postcards, travel, photography, gardening, cooking, fashion, sports. These create a visual reminder of what you would like to achieve in your space.

Start your design process with a 2 hr consultation in which we can cover overall pressing

Q & A's as well as insightful guidance to get you started on your design journey.

Within the parameters of the consultation we can touch on paint colours, space planning, accessorizing, lighting etc.  The consultation is a great meet and greet to give you some insight into what Anne Cavan Design can do for you now and in the future if you plan to move forward with larger aspects of your project. For the DIYer it is a perfect jumping off point to kickstart your project and point you in the right direction with loads of info and retail sources.  2hr Detailed Consultation $400.00  

Design Project Process... moving into the bigger picture


Textiles/Colour Selection

A house becomes a home when it is filled with the elements that make you happy, comfortable and safe. AC Design is happy when you are happy and the right colour selection and finishes can make all the difference.  This can be a stand alone service or part of the bigger plan.

  • Finish Selections- Flooring, Backsplash, Window Coverings

  • Fabric Selections

  • Paint Colour Selections/

  • Furniture Selections - Custom/Instock


Working with our clients, listening to their needs, wants and wishes is paramount to a successful project.


Space Planning 

By combining both hand drafting and computer generated floor plans and furniture layouts we are able to help you visualize the concept for your space.


Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bath, Bedroom, Family Room, Den... each space is unique and we love those nooks and crannies. 


Modelling done to scale saves time and money on purchases, making sure it is the right fit and style for you and your home.

Lighting and Accesorizing

Making the magic happen is when you will definitely light up and so will your space.


Choosing the right lighting scheme for functionality and aesthetics is crucial to pulling your interior look together.  


From task lighting to an ambient social atomosphere can make a statement about the right choices you make for house and home.



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