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Textile Tuesday

“My work is characterised by a unique production process where no two inches of fabric are ever the same. I delight in creating unique, one of a kind textiles. A contemporary take on traditional techniques, paired with a slow, considered approach to design and material selection means that the fabrics produced from the studio can be enjoyed for many years to come”.


Native flora and bush imaginings: observed, pondered, and expressed as hand inked marks are screen printed onto natural fibres in vivid colours of the local landscape...

The resulting textiles are a celebration and appreciation of place, the precious and wild environment of Tasmania.

We are so lucky that the exciting Memo Showroom in Toronto, Ont. is now showcasing Yolanda's designs. Memo takes pride in sourcing and making available to our design ideals the most unique and delightful designers around the world. We are looking forward to sharing many more finds through them and passing on the word.

Cheers, Anne

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