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Ready, Set... Create!

Ok, you didn't start your gift list until last night, WTF! Well neither did I, wink, wink. No prob, you have at least 6 weeks to get those DIYs done ( because you are thrifty, and 'It's a thing' to make your own... recycle, reuse and just plain fun). Click and point shopping may be easy, but where's the magic in being able to say 'I made this for you' (pat yourself on the back here and hearts surround your angelic face).

This is an easy, fun, creative and personalized gift to make for those on your list who like to imprint themselves on the day with a mantra or goal, self-esteem, open-mindedness, environmental, gratitude etc. . Keep it open ended and they will be able to fill in the blanks.

Start with a frame of your choice, I used an 11" x 14" inset frame that created a ledge for the dry-erase maker to be displayed and on hand for those inspirational thoughts. Most frames come with a paper like pre-cut mat, I substituted this for a mat from Michaels that had more substance to it and was raised slightly so the wooden letters fit nicely.

Spray painting the natural wooden letters black left a fun outline on the paper that caught my attention... a little wayward and wandering but vintage looking, hmmm, interesting.

Wooden letters, spray paint, frame, mat, dry erase marker = Fun write on/wipe off inspiration board... Check!

What will you do today?

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