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E-DESIGN.... working with you and  for you

This service is available to you no matter where you live. 


We will work via email to make your space exactly how you envision it. 

This service is perfect for someone who works well communicating via email and is comfortable sending pictures of their home and even taking some measurements!  Once your e-design is complete you can work at your own pace implementing the plan as your time and budget allows.


-Initial consult via email after I have read over your questionnaire



Kick Start Design Package : One Room  $550


About:  This service includes information for a client that requires a design concept that includes color, layout and  inspiration for a new interior space.


Design will include:


– Initial Consultation via email and Questionnaire (correspondence about your space and your scope of work)


– Creative Vision Board with inspirational images for lifestyle, furniture, finishes and colours


– Suggestions and direction on implementing the design and getting the most out of your Creative Vision Board


– Finishes Board with suggestions for fabric, colours, window coverings and flooring options


How it works: 


Email me about your space and share details on what you are looking to do and/or change, filling in the questionnaire will make the process smoother and more detailed.  A follow up by AC Design will fill in the blanks and establish budget and timelines.


Perfect for: Those who are redesigning a room from scratch and/or with a few pieces, and who need a nudge in the right direction.  With this service, your Kick Start Design will inspire you to find the perfect pieces that fit your style and needs.














The Bigger Picture Design Package :  One Room  $950


The same initial concept designs as posted in the 'Kick Start Design' as well as 2 perspective and 2 elevation digital designs to give you the 'Bigger Picture' and greater detail of your new interior space.













This form of consultation/concept/design is always a work in progress and as with all our clients it is custom and personalized so we will be in contact as much as necessary to make sure your space is complete and works with your schedule and budget.


We look forward to hearing from you with all your dreams and plans and working with you in the near future.


Terms for E-Design Services

1. Anne Cavan Design e-services provides recommendations and suggestions for furnishing and décor. It is not responsible for the ordering, installation, construction, or delivery of any product, material or merchandise. Nor is it responsible for the quality, supervision, or quality of work of those engaged to install, construct, or deliver any product, material or merchandise.

2. No work will be performed by Anne Cavan Design unless and until the following steps have been completed by the client: (a) the questionnaire has been fully completed by the client and submitted to Anne Cavan Design, (b) an engagement letter has been signed by both the client and Anne Cavan Design, and (c) a deposit in the amount of 50% of the estimated work has been paid by the client and received by Anne Cavan Design.




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