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Heading to college and coming home to a fresh space... sweet!

This young adult is ready to transition and what better way to spread her wings than to come to home to great new space.  Mature yet fun and cozy she can plan her future in style.  

Taking out the extra large bulky closet doors and adding shimmery silver drapery takes this space from bland and builders box to custom and unique, behind one of the curtains is a small built in office so she can continue her studies while home for the holidays (hmm, not sure that will happen but hey, it was worth the design factor).  Lots of storage was incorporated for all the wardrobe changes needed to go from teen to working gal.

In the meantime while she is growing into her own, this room doubles as a guest suite and everyone is happy.

This little filly is ready to rope in her bedroom Style

I may be getting a little corny on this note but hey, when you have a theme you may as well run wild

with it :)

With her love of horses this tween wanted a room that reflected her passion and her pride.  Using a stunning Pendleton blanket ACDesign was able to create a custom headboard and cushions to capture that western vibe.  Along with artwork, lighting and accessories we think we roped in her dreams.  

An Ikea bed with hidden drawers underneath, a custom window bench/box, and an extra free standing closet, chalk board painted, adds to the storage requirements and the cuteness factor.

This pre-teen is just mad about dance, time to get in the groove with her space.

Vibrant colour influences the heart of the youngest of these 3 sisters. 

Soft pink walls make a perfect backdrop for pops of black, orange and bubblegum.  A custom hand painted headboard is the showstopper here and drives the colours throughout the room.

A small door leads to a shared bathroom with her sister next door so why not create a sliding barn door to cover it and do double duty as a dance mirror to practice her moves, surrounded by cork to pin up inspirational posts.

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