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Dress Your Walls

Adding art to your space creates conversation, colour, movement and memories.

Dominating a narrow hallway is 'California Street' in San Francisco by Peter Goral

Through experience and creative acquaintances I have grown to appreciate art and what it adds to an interior space. In the past few years I have decided that what I display in my own space has to be special to me, meaningful and unique rather than the latest batch of posters from the box stores. Taking time to discover new artists is definitely a fun weekend road trip and can be extremely rewarding! Last weekend I went to a display of 'Art in the Garden' Art Envy Inc . Peter Goral is someone whose artwork I admire and have started collecting when my budget allows.

Holding court over our century brick wood fireplace 'Crows' by Peter Goral

And most recently at the Art Envy Garden Gallery Summer Show I was not fast enough to purchase these originals as they were snapped up by other admirers. To appease my loss I made due with these wonderful postcards that were printed on heavy quality card-stock and I had them framed in a recessed shadow box to add depth and character (as if they needed any more). I love the grouping now and am glad I at least had the foresight to add these pieces to my collection, they make me smile every time I walk by :)

Postcards before framing

Postcards by Peter Goral Framed... If you don't have the wall space or the budget consider seeing if the artist carries postcards of their work. A very effective way to showcase your favorite finds.

Summer suggestions for artistic road trips... Alton Art Gallery, Glen Williams Mill Art Gallery,

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